CAD – Siemens NX

CAD - Siemens NX

Planning Outline

  • Files and Templates
  • View Controls
  • Design Intent
  • Sketching (NX Help 2212 Series)
  • Extruding
    • Boolean
    • Direction
    • Offsets
    • Draft
      • Draft Analysis
  • Revolving
  • Part Navigator
    • Timestamp Order
      • See Associative copy – Fix at current timestamp
      • Shell Example
    • Feature Replay
    • Current Feature (column in Part Nav.)
    • Hide Vs. Suppress Features
    • Parent/Child
  • Design Features
    • Hole
    • Thread
  • Detail Features
    • Edge Blends
    • Chamfers
    • Draft
  • Patterns
    • In sketches
    • Bodies
    • Faces
  • Expressions Editor
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Associative Copy
    • Associative Geometry Idea
      • Note: Not all “associative” geometry is associative.
      • Example: Project edge in sketch from another component is not associative even though it says it is.
    • Fix at Current Timestamp 
    • Interpart Modeling
      • Linking Parameters (interpart expressions)
      • Linking Position (assembly constraints)
        • Assembled parts used as geometry
          • Example: Assembled Sketch
          • Warning: Not necessarily associative!
          • If a part is repositioned, extruded sketches won’t update.
      • Linking Geometry (WAVE and promotions)
    • Extract Geometry (tutorial video)
      • Works in same file, can be exported
      • Example: extract interior volume
    • WAVE Linking
      • WAVE Geometry Link
        • “Update Links”
        • Fix at current timestamp
        • Linked geom. Vs. Assembled Geometry
      • WAVE Interface Link
        • I would discourage the interface link. 
        • The WAVE Interface Linker command is especially useful when you want the feature to be linked to a large number of product interfaces. You can create a linked feature for one or more selected product interfaces that have intermediate objects.
        • “Output” pushes geometry out to be available to other models
        • “Input” pulls
        • Set “Part Referencing Rules”
        • Has a “Where Referenced” option (Right click)
  • Part Families
  • Synchronous Modeling
    • Modify part geometry without regard to underlying structure
    • Move Face
    • Delete Face
    • Replace Face
    • Resize Blends and Chamfers
  • Analysis
    • Measure Tool
    • Draft Analysis
  • Drafting
  • Surface Modeling
  • Misc

See: History of Siemens NX (Unigraphics)

NX Tutorials

This NX video tutorial series is designed to provide a solid foundation in using Siemens NX software for engineering and design tasks. The series starts with an introduction to Siemens NX, guiding users through workspace setup and interface navigation. Basic modeling skills are covered, including sketching techniques and creating 3D models using fundamental operations. Advanced...

NX Basic Modeling Workflow

Sketch Fully define sketch Extrude (or Revolve, Sweep) Add Detail Features Document with Drafting Application See: Master Model Concept Use in Assemblies Concurrent Design & PLM Design Tooling Program CNC Machines Create Derivative Designs

NX View Controls View Controls Mouse Controls Fit Clipping Planes Edit Object Display Section Views Show/Hide Feature Suppression Layer Settings & Standards View-ControlsDownload PRT

NX Part Navigator

NX Part Navigator
The NX Part Navigator is like a map of your CAD design, providing you with a visual representation of the structure of your models. It helps you manage components, navigate complex designs, and make design changes efficiently. Here, are some of its essential features: 1. Time Stamp Order: At the heart of the NX Part...

NX Sketch Task Environment

NX Sketch Task Environment
The Sketch Task Environment is a separate app within the modeling application. It will only create 2D entities. You will need to finish the sketch (checkered flag) to have access to the design application tools. When returning to edit an existing sketch, there are two options: 1) Edit and 2) Edit with Rollback. Edit...

NX Expressions Editor

Ctrl + E The NX Expressions Editor in Siemens NX allows users to create and manage parametric relationships within their designs. With the Expressions Editor, designers can define mathematical formulas, equations, and logical conditions to control the behavior of dimensions, features, and other design elements. This enables dynamic updates and automatic adjustments when changes are...

Associative Copy Commands

In Siemens NX, the category of "associative copy commands" represents a set of tools designed to create copies or duplicates of geometric elements, features, or entire components while maintaining a dynamic and associative link between the original and the copied entities. This means that any changes made to the original item will automatically propagate to...

NX Assemblies

NX Assemblies
Assemblies are collections of one or more individual part files. In NX assemblies are the same file type as models (.PRT files). Assembly strategies vary, but in general, assemblies can be created from the bottom-up by assembling previously constructed models, or the approach can be top-down in which models are created within the context of...

NX Part Families

(NX 2212 Documentation) Siemens NX offers part family functionality that enables users to efficiently manage and create variations of similar parts within a product family. Part families consist of a group of related components that share common features, dimensions, and design intent. With the part family functionality in Siemens NX, designers can define a master...

NX Curves

Curves in NX are powerful geometric elements. They can exist in 2D or 3D, and often form the framework for other features. Making high quality curves is essential to creating high quality surfaces and solids.

NX Surface Modeling

NX surface modeling in Siemens NX offers tools and capabilities for creating complex and organic surface geometries. With NX surface modeling, designers can craft smooth and precise surfaces that accurately represent the desired shape of a product or component. The software provides a comprehensive set of surface creation and manipulation tools, allowing designers to create...

NX Drafting

Drafting (video) Assembly/Master Model Revision (TBD) Sheets Dimensions Ordinate Dimensioning Single (video) Multiple (video) Views Annotation Note: Drafting Standards can be made by going to File -> Utilities -> Customer Defaults -> Drafting Generally, NX drawings are created using the master model approach. While this is not strictly necessary, it increases design flexibility and improves...

NX Algorithmic Modeling

NX Implicit Modeling

NX Implicit Modeling
Implicit modeling is a technique used in computer graphics, computer-aided design (CAD), and computer-aided engineering (CAE) to create and manipulate 3D geometry. Unlike explicit modeling, where you directly define the individual components of a model, implicit modeling focuses on describing an object's shape through mathematical functions and constraints. In implicit modeling, objects are represented by...

JT File Format and Viewers

JT is an openly published data format, widely used for communication, visualization, digital mockup and a variety of other purposes at most of the world's leading manufacturing companies. JT has been accepted by ISO as an International Standard for 3D visualization. Additionally, many adopters use JT as a process format for workflows such as data...

NX Sheet Metal Adjust your sheet metal preferences (or customer defaults) before starting.

NX Tutorials

This NX video tutorial series is designed to provide a solid foundation in using Siemens NX software...
NX Tutorial Video 1 - User Interface

NX Tutorial Video 1 - User Interface

This video introduces the NX interface. It is intended as a quick-start guide to familiarize new users...
NX Tutorial Video 2 - Drafting Workflow

NX Tutorial Video 2 - Drafting Workflow

This video introduces the typical workflow of going from a 3D solid model to a 2D working drawing using...
NX Tutorial Video 3 - Expressions Editor

NX Tutorial Video 3 - Expressions Editor

In the NX Modeling application, the Expressions Editor is a tool that allows users to create and manage...
NX Tutorial Video 4A - Sketch & Revolve

NX Tutorial Video 4A - Sketch & Revolve

In this video the core of the M40 valve needle is modeled. The sketch is fully defined and revolved....
NX Tutorial Video 4B - Datums and Features

NX Tutorial Video 4B - Datums and Features

This video builds on Tutorial 4A. This video covers how to add features such as edge blends, chamfers,...
NX Tutorial Video 4C - Pattern Feature

NX Tutorial Video 4C - Pattern Feature

In this video the needle valve needle is completed by adding a sketch, extruding it, and creating a...

NX Basic Modeling Workflow

Sketch Fully define sketch Extrude (or Revolve, Sweep) Add Detail Features Document...

NX Master Model Concept

The Master Model concept is a fundamental approach in product design and development, often utilized...

NX Units - Important Note

Every NX file is defined as either an inch or millimeter file. Once the file has been created, it is...