Shot Blasting and Peening

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a surface cleaning and preparation technique where small, abrasive metal shots are propelled at high velocity onto a surface to remove contaminants, scale, rust, or old coatings. The primary purpose of shot blasting is to clean and roughen surfaces in preparation for painting, coating, or further processing. The impact of the shots removes unwanted material, creating a textured or profiled surface. Shot blasting is commonly used in industries such as construction, shipbuilding, and automotive for tasks like preparing metal surfaces for painting or improving adhesion.

Shot Peening

Shot peening is a specialized surface treatment method designed to enhance the fatigue life and mechanical properties of metals, particularly in components subjected to cyclic loading. In this process, small, rounded metal shots, often made of materials like steel or ceramics, are propelled onto the surface of the material at high velocity. The kinetic energy from the impact induces controlled plastic deformation on the material’s surface, resulting in the creation of residual compressive stresses.

The process is executed using specialized equipment, ranging from manual handheld devices to automated machines, depending on the size and complexity of the components. The choice of shot size, velocity, and coverage is crucial, as it directly influences the effectiveness of the treatment and its impact on the material’s properties. The compressive stresses generated through shot peening play a key role in improving the material’s resistance to fatigue failure, stress corrosion cracking, and crack initiation and propagation.

Shot peening finds widespread use in industries where components undergo cyclic loading, such as aerospace, automotive, and power generation. Applications include aircraft components, automotive springs, gears, and various structural parts. The process is meticulously controlled, with attention to industry standards and specifications to ensure consistent and reliable outcomes. Overall, shot peening is a tailored surface treatment technique that imparts beneficial mechanical enhancements to materials, contributing to their longevity and reliability in demanding applications.