NX Expressions Editor

Ctrl + E

The NX Expressions Editor in Siemens NX allows users to create and manage parametric relationships within their designs. With the Expressions Editor, designers can define mathematical formulas, equations, and logical conditions to control the behavior of dimensions, features, and other design elements. This enables dynamic updates and automatic adjustments when changes are made to related parameters, greatly enhancing design flexibility and productivity. The Expressions Editor provides an interface for creating and editing expressions, with a wide range of mathematical functions and operators available. It empowers designers to create intelligent and adaptable designs, enabling faster iterations, design exploration, and optimization.

  • Creating Expressions
  • Entering Formulas
  • Feature Expressions
    • You can limit the visibility of expressions in the editor to a single feature by selecting it in the part navigator.
  • Related: Suppress by expressions
    • You can create an expression that can control whether or not a feature is suppressed.
  • Conditional Statements in the Expressions Editor
    • if ( Lgth > 0 && Lgth < 10 ) ( 3 ) else ( 5 )