The Crankcase of the M40 stands as the foundational enclosure housing a network of essential components that drive the engine’s power generation. The crankcase houses brass bushings that are cast in place, contributing to the engine’s smooth and efficient operation.

  1. Casting: The crankcase is a cast aluminum with integrated brass busing shat are cast in place. The crankcase is machined to final dimensions after casting.
  2. Brass Bushings: Integral to the crankcase design are the brass bushings, cast in place. These brass bushings serve as durable bearings that support and guide the rotating crankshaft, reducing friction and wear. The brass material, known for its excellent lubricity and resistance to corrosion, ensures smooth crankshaft rotation within the crankcase, promoting reliable and consistent engine performance.

The fit between the crankcase journal bearings and the crankshaft are extremely important to the function of the engine.