Code Camp – Day 3

On the third day of the code camp, participants will continue to expand their knowledge and skills in programming and mathematics. The day’s objectives encompass various crucial concepts. First, participants will work towards demonstrating a clear comprehension of radians, a fundamental unit of angular measurement. They will also delve into the concept of variables, gaining an understanding of what variables are and exploring different variable types. Additionally, participants will explore the concept of variable scope, recognizing how it influences the availability and accessibility of variables within their code. Moreover, the day’s curriculum includes a focus on conditional expressions, a crucial aspect of programming logic.

This day aims to equip participants with a solid foundation in mathematical and programming concepts, setting the stage for further learning and application throughout the code camp.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of what radians are
  • Understand what variables are
  • Know some variable types
  • Understand variable scope
  • Understand conditional expressions
  • Understand how to use variables and expressions to graph a function.



“Concept Survey”


Code Camp Day 3 Slides

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 Copy an Existing Sketch
  • 1:07 Change Settings
  • 1:24 Constants and Variables
  • 2:10 Print to Console
  • 4:16 console.log()
  • 4:30 Comments with //
  • 5:45 Comments with /* and */
  • 6:05 Comments with ctrl + /
  • 6:45 Colors by Name
  • 7:09 System Variable: width
  • 8:20 Mathematical with variables
  • 12:17 Example Program
  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:34 Declaring Variables
  • 4:10 Declaring vs. Initializing
  • 6:45 Incrementing a Variable