Arc Stud Welding (SW)

Arc Stud Welding (SW) is a specialized welding process designed primarily for fastening metal studs to a base material, often in construction and industrial applications. In SW, a metal stud with one end chamfered or otherwise pre-shaped is placed against the workpiece, and an arc is initiated between the stud and the work surface. The intense heat generated during the process melts the shaped end of the stud and the corresponding area of the base material. Pressure is applied to the stud, forcing it into the molten pool, resulting in a solid and secure bond. Once the metal cools and solidifies, a strong mechanical connection is formed. SW is valued for its speed, reliability, and ability to create sturdy attachments, especially in tasks like securing metal decking, fastening insulation, or attaching various fixtures to structural components. It is particularly useful in situations where welding from both sides of the workpiece is not feasible.