Mathematics for Engineering Technology

I. Introduction to Mathematics for Engineering Technology
A. Overview of the course
B. Importance of mathematics in engineering technology
C. Overview of topics covered in the course

II. Algebra
A. Review of basic algebraic concepts
B. Linear equations and systems of linear equations
C. Quadratic equations and functions
D. Exponential and logarithmic functions

III. Calculus
A. Limits and derivatives
B. Differentiation techniques and applications
C. Integrals and integration techniques
D. Applications of integration in engineering technology

IV. Vector Calculus
A. Vectors and vector operations
B. Vector differentiation and integration
C. Applications of vector calculus in engineering technology

V. Differential Equations
A. First order differential equations
B. Higher order differential equations
C. Applications of differential equations in engineering technology

VI. Linear Algebra
A. Matrices and determinants
B. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
C. Applications of linear algebra in engineering technology

VII. Numerical Methods
A. Numerical solution of equations
B. Numerical differentiation and integration
C. Applications of numerical methods in engineering technology

VIII. Probability and Statistics
A. Probability distributions
B. Descriptive statistics
C. Inferential statistics
D. Applications of probability and statistics in engineering technology