Process Validation of an IACV Screw

By Man (Eric) Ng TECH 4945 F23

Process validation is an analysis tool that is always used in engineering for design and quality improvement with how to improve upon processes. This project is to create new IACV Screws with the improvements added into the original design and not just material that was chosen. The original screw was created out of a high heat resistant plastic with a Philips head as part of the original design and that was very commonly prone to stripping out and this will cause the loss of being able to adjust the screw. The new and improved screw is made with 4140 Stainless steel with a 8 mm hex head milled in to prevent the loss of ability to adjust the screw. The goal of this project was to acquire the data needed to know where the improvement is needed to create the perfect process.

The validation of this process was to create thirty machined screws that was repeatable and accurate. The process was check to industry standards and tolerances were taken from design guides as needed. Each part was checked with precision measuring instruments and machined with CNC and manual machines. The data taken from each critical dimension was collected using excel and calculations were done to obtain CP, CPK, and Standard Deviation. Finally the results, revealed that this process is not in control and will need to be revised and revalidated.

Eric Ng Additional Project Files

Presentationfinal_tech4945_mhngDownload IACV Dims check new (1)Download

Eric Ng Additional Project Files

Presentationfinal_tech4945_mhng Download IACV Dims check new (1) Download