Prop Nut

Prop Nut (Nosecone Nut): At the forefront of the Power Connection Group is the prop nut, aptly nicknamed the “nosecone nut” due to its distinctive shape. This specialized fastener serves as the primary means of securing the propeller to the engine’s output shaft. Its unique design not only ensures a reliable attachment but also minimizes aerodynamic drag by smoothly blending into the propeller’s contours. The prop nut’s essential role lies in providing stability to the propeller during engine operation, allowing for optimized thrust generation and efficient propulsion.

The nosecone is parabolic in shape. The shape is determined by the following function:

With desired dimensions known at the maximum diameter, the formula can be rewritten to solve for a:

The nosecone dimensions:

  • X: 15.83 mm
  • Y: 29.9 mm
  • a: 0.11947 (from the equation above)

A law curve was used to generate the parabolic portion.