NX Tutorial Video 1 – User Interface

This video introduces the NX interface. It is intended as a quick-start guide to familiarize new users with the view controls, the part navigator, and the sketch task environment.

Setting the Role

  • Roles Tab – Content – Role Advanced

View Controls

In Siemens NX, the view controls are essential tools that empower you to navigate and examine your 3D models seamlessly. Through intuitive commands, such as zooming, panning, and rotating, you can effortlessly explore your designs from various angles, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your creations at every stage of the design process.

  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • 3D Orbit
  • Fit (Ctrl + F)
  • View Triad
  • F8 & Shift F8
  • Show/Hide

Part Navigator

The NX Part Navigator serves as a pivotal organizational hub within Siemens NX, enabling users to efficiently manage and arrange complex designs. By offering a structured view of assembly components, relationships, and properties, it simplifies the process of editing, analyzing, and collaborating on intricate assemblies, ultimately enhancing design productivity and collaboration.

  • Timestamp Order
  • Show/Hide
  • Suppress
  • Dependency

Link to Head Gasket Details