Sophomore Project – Bike Light

By Zoe Armstrong, TECH 2908. Below is an excerpt from her report. All images courtesy of Zoe Armstrong, The University of Memphis.

Hinge and Clasp

The hinge is able to open up 180 degrees to allow easy access to the batteries when it is time to replace them. The batteries can be replaced while the light is attached to the bike post, though it is not recommended.

The clasp is a secure way to keep the bike light closed while riding. The top arrow points to the flexible plastic that what the bottom arrow will slide into. The material is flexible to allow easy opening and closing but is also strong to not simply be bumped apart.

Bike Post Fastenings

To fasten onto the bike post, simply unscrew the bolt to remove it. The Nut will conveniently stay in place to prevent the small piece from getting lost.

The round walls will simply flex open and easily slide into place. The foam makes the bike light able to adapt to aby size post and will keep the light from sliding around.

The switch is placed on the top to make it water resistant. With the light being under the seat and the bottom of the light having no openings, in times of rain or puddles, no water will enter.

Finished Product