Section Bending

A section bending machine, often referred to as a profile bending machine or a section roller is useful for the bending of a wide array of metal profiles and sections into gracefully curved or circular forms. These machines find use in applications necessitating curved metal components, such as architectural features, handrails, metal frames, and more.

Section bending machines use a set of rollers or rolls, positioned to permit the passage of the metal profile. As the profile is introduced into the machine, these rolls apply incremental pressure, expertly shaping the metal into the desired contour. The machine’s adaptability allows operators to finely adjust parameters such as the bending radius, angle, and roll positions.

Section bending machines can be operated through hydraulic or mechanical mechanisms, depending on the machine’s design and the specific demands of the task at hand. Hydraulic systems offer superior force and control, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. In contrast, mechanical machines, with their simplicity and efficiency, are apt for lighter-duty tasks.