Code Camp – Day 5

On the fifth day of our code camp, we’ll continue to expand your programming knowledge and capabilities. You’ll delve into conditional statements using “if(){} else if(){},” gaining the ability to control program flow based on various conditions. Furthermore, we’ll explore comparison operators like “==”, “===”, “!=”, “<“, “>”, “>=”, “<=”, as well as logical conjunctions “&&” and “||” to enhance your decision-making skills in coding.

You’ll also embark on a journey to create your own functions, a pivotal skill in coding. You’ll learn about parameters, those variables that functions can accept, and put this knowledge to work in practical exercises, like programming a “doubler” function. We’ll guide you in calling functions, understanding what arguments are, and even having a function return a value.

As we progress, we’ll introduce you to the concept of loops using “while(){}”. Moreover, you’ll be introduced to the principles of object-oriented programming, which is foundational for organizing and structuring code efficiently. These objectives aim to provide you with a comprehensive skill set for tackling increasingly complex programming challenges.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:33 Create a Function
  • 0:46 Function Parameters
  • 1:55 Function Arguments
  • 2:55 Returning Values
  • 7:04 While Loops