Jet Molding

The jet in the M40 engine’s carburetor is a vital component responsible for precisely controlling the flow of fuel into the Venturi, thus determining the engine’s fuel-air mixture. Made from Nylon through an injection molding process, this small yet critical part exhibits excellent durability and resistance to the harsh conditions of engine operation.

Designed to fit seamlessly into the carburetor body by press fitting, the Nylon jet features precise internal passageways that ensure accurate fuel flow rates. Its robust construction enables it to withstand the pressures and temperatures within the engine, providing consistent and reliable performance over time.

The injection molding process allows for cost-effective mass production of the jet, ensuring uniformity and high-quality standards in each unit.

As an essential element in controlling the fuel-air mixture, the Nylon jet plays a pivotal role in optimizing engine performance, making it a key component in model airplane applications where consistent and dependable power delivery is paramount.