Mrs. Quackers: An IOT Integrated Duck

By Alexandria Umbenhour

Today’s technology keeps expanding into newer and better products for humans. As adults get new technology ‘toys’ to play with e.g., phones, cars, watches, etc., kid toys have not made a huge leap into the technology world. Toys now a days have moving parts, make noises, or even have a microphone to repeat words a child might say. These toys may be fun at first but can get boring after a while. Kids need toys that are more stimulating and more likely to grab their attention. Mrs. Quackers, an IoT (Internet of Things) integrated duck, will grab ahold of kids’ attention while keeping their interest.

Mrs. Quackers connects to a smart phone for interaction and play. Kids can use an app on their parent’s phone to manually move Mrs. Quackers, make her quack, do silly dances, and more. Mrs. Quackers will use IoT technology to connect to an app on the phone and react to commands that is pressed on the app. Mrs. Quackers will be able to move with motors, quack with a speaker, react to loud noise using a microphone, express emotions with her eyes using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, and be able to avoid collisions using a proximity sensor.