Code Camp – Day 7

On the seventh day of our code camp, you’ll dive into advanced programming concepts and digital logic. Firstly, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the distinction between two critical aspects of coding: “mouseIsPressed,” which is a property representing a boolean system variable, and “mousePressed(),” an event. This knowledge is essential for interactive application development.

Additionally, you’ll further your programming prowess by mastering the use of “for” loops, a crucial tool for repetitive tasks and efficient code execution.

Our journey continues into the world of binary numbers, where you’ll comprehend what binary numbers are and acquire the skill to count in binary, a fundamental skill in computer science.

Furthermore, we’ll explore the fascinating realm of logic gates, the building blocks of digital circuits. You’ll learn how these gates function and, importantly, how to use them practically. One notable application will be successfully adding two bits using a half adder, an exercise that bridges the gap between digital logic and coding. These objectives aim to deepen your understanding of both programming and digital systems, equipping you with valuable skills for complex problem-solving.


  • Understand the difference between these two:
    • mouseIsPressed – a property, a boolean system variabl
    • mousePressed() – an event
  • Be able to use a “for” loop
  • Understand what binary numbers are
  • Be able to count in binary.
  • Understand what logic gates are.
  • Be able to successfully add two bits using a half adder.


Going Further…

P5play: Another library to add to P5.js 
An example that uses p5play: Play Example (see how to install it in the HTML file).


“Concept Survey”

Day 7 Slides