Cover Plate Gasket

The gasket used in conjunction with the cover plate in the M40 engine is a critical sealing element made from a .01 mm thick Mylar material. The gasket forms a tight and secure barrier between the cover plate and the crankcase, preventing any potential leaks of the oil and fuel mixture from the engine. Mylar, known for its exceptional strength, durability, and chemical resistance, makes it a suitable choice for gasketing applications in environments requiring high chemical resistance or extreme temperature conditions. The thickness ensures a proper fit and compression, contributing to the gasket’s ability to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses during engine operation. With its reliable sealing performance, the Mylar gasket enhances the overall integrity and efficiency of the M40 engine, maintaining an airtight seal and contributing to its smooth and efficient operation in model airplane applications.

Errata: 30.78 O/A dimension should be (30.8) reference dimension.