NX Drafting – Visibility of Objects

In the NX Drafting Application, a drawing (that references an existing model) is an assembly. The visibility of what is displayed in the drafting views depends (for the most part) on what is visible in the model view of the model within the assembly.

To see this view from within the drafting application press Ctrl + M. Return to the drafting view with Ctrl + Shift + D.

If there are sketches, curves, or datums that you would like to display in the drawing, you will need to adjust the Reference Set of the assembled model.

Layers can be enable/disabled as desired in this view. This will effect how drawing views display this information.

Objects can be further hidden in individual views. Select the curves and turn off visibility (eye icon).

Layer visibility can be enabled or disabled in each view by using “Layer Visible in View.” This option is available in the drafting application at Menu -> Format -> Layer Visible in View.