Carnivore 212

(in progress Fall 2023) The Carnivore 212 is an near clone of the famous Harbor Freight Predator 212 which is a near clone of the Honda GX160. It is used as a case study for manufacturing engineering technology courses at the University of Memphis.


Carnivore 212 Parts List

ItemDescriptionQuantity1Bolt, Flange62Cover, Head13Asm., Head Cover14Tube, Breather15Oil Strainer16Asm., Breather Cover17Cover, Breather18Bolt, Flange49Cylinder Head110Spark Plug111Stud212Gasket, Cylinder113Pin, Dowel214Rocker Arm Asm.215Valve Rocker Shaft216Rotator, Valve217Retainer, Valve Spring218Spring, Valve219Seal, Valve Stem120Push Rod221Lifter Valve222Valve Asm.123Camshaft Asm.124Flat Washer225Bolt,Drain Plug226Crankcase127Oil Sensor128Bolt, Flange729Cable Cleat130Oil Seal231Bearing232Governor Kit133Ring Set, Piston134Piston135Pin, Piston136Clip, Piston Pin237Conn. Rod Asm.138Crankshaft139Packing, Case Cover140Pin, Dowel241Cover Asm., Crankcase142Cap Asm.243Bolt, Flange644Shroud145Bolt, Flange246Switch Asm., Oil Level147Stud248Packing, Carburetor149Insulator,...

Carnivore 212 Parts List

Item Description Quantity 1 Bolt, Flange 6 2 Cover, Head 1 3 Asm., Head Cover 1 4 Tube, Breather...