Code Camp – Day 6

On the sixth day of our code camp, we’ll dive into multimedia integration and advanced programming constructs. You’ll gain the ability to load and display images in your code, adding a visual dimension to your projects. Additionally, we’ll explore the world of audio as you learn how to load and play sounds, enabling you to create more engaging and immersive applications.

A significant focus of the day will be on mastering the “for loop.” You’ll not only understand how this powerful construct operates but also develop the skills to write functional “for loops” in your code. These objectives will equip you with the tools to enhance the interactivity and complexity of your coding projects, making them more dynamic and engaging for users.


  • Be able to load and display an image
  • Be able to load and play sounds
  • Understand how a for loop works
  • Be able to write a working for loop



Day 6 Slides

Half Adder Activity

“Concept Survey”