Throttle Arm

The throttle arm in the M40 engine plays a crucial role in regulating the engine’s speed and power output by controlling the airflow entering the carburetor. Made by an injection molding process, this component exhibits excellent strength and precision while maintaining cost-effectiveness for standard versions of the engine.

The injection-molded throttle arm is designed to provide smooth and precise motion, allowing for accurate adjustments in engine speed. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance, withstanding the mechanical stresses and forces experienced during operation.

In premium versions of the M40 engine, the throttle arm can be upgraded to a machined aluminum version. Machined aluminum offers enhanced durability and a premium appearance, making it an attractive choice for discerning users seeking superior performance and aesthetics.

Whether injection-molded or machined aluminum, the throttle arm’s design ensures smooth and responsive throttle control, contributing to the engine’s overall efficiency and power delivery. This vital component showcases the engine’s versatility, offering options to cater to various user preferences and applications while maintaining consistent and reliable engine operation.