Carb Body

Designed to house critical components such as the venturi tube and jet, the carburetor body plays a pivotal role in regulating the airflow and fuel flow within the engine. The venturi tube, a narrowed section within the body, accelerates the incoming air, creating a pressure drop that draws fuel from the fuel tank. The jet, an integral part of the carburetor body, controls the fuel flow into the venturi, fine-tuning the fuel-air mixture to optimize engine performance.

The combination of casting and precision machining ensures the carburetor body’s robustness and accurate functionality, enabling it to withstand the dynamic conditions of engine operation. As a fundamental element of the carburetor assembly, the carburetor body significantly contributes to the M40 engine’s reliable performance, making it a crucial component in model airplane applications.

Machined Carburetor Body
Raw Carburetor Body Casting – Before Machining